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Reflective Essay


          My personal qualities are that I work hard on the things that are important to me and I also have a great attitude. For example, during my science fair project in my Junior year, I got a A for the first time on my science fair project, I got that grade through hard work and also because I wanted improve from last year. I really like communicating and teaching people about the school and helping them with school work whenever I can. I also support and help kids on the basketball court as much as possible.

          Looking back, the school had it’s bad times and good times, from the three times I got 89.4 on English, to playing basketball during all those free periods, to getting in trouble every single year, this school made me realize that I was right to stay here instead to go someone else, kind of…Not only the school changed, but I changed too with the school, in a good way. I went from trying to make it into the Marines or the NBA to finding what I truly want to in life, and how I want to achieve it.

          During my school year in Alameda Community Learning Center, I have learned a lot of things on and off the campus. I have learned that doing things as a community is way better than trying to the work by yourself, I have learned that everyone needs each other in this school for it to continue being as ACLC rather than the typical middle/high school. I have learned how to think as well, in a creative, and systematic ways. Due to the fact that this school is run by the students, I have learned how to use my reasonings and judgements to help the school develop and progress in couple aspects.

          During the last couple year of my school year, I was very active, I played for the Encinal Basketball team(which I was the 1st ACLC student to play, as far as I am aware of), and I plan on convincing and motivating others into participating in high school sports and help them develop their way in life. Also I am planning on doing a bodybuilding competition before I turn 17 and continue that passion for the rest of my life. I also really like chemistry which allowed me great opportunities to become a good student and be really active with my core studies and classes.

          I wasn’t too much connected with the technology aspect of the school, because I usually did my homeworks when I am home and other projects whenever I had the chance. The school technology does come in handy when there is a assignment due next period or whatsoever that I wasn’t aware of. To prevent the technology from braking or troubleshooting, I made sure that my friends and students in my community were not mishandling the technology just because “They Can”.

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