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    Enkhtsolmon Amabayar

    306 Noneya Street

   Alameda, CA, 94501





To become one of the best personal trainers in the world, become a great athlete in bodybuilding and powerlifting and create my personal gym to train athletes and normal people.


Relevant Skill


  • By end of this year I will have become used to doing bodybuilding event

  • Have personally trained couple relatives to help them get in shape

  • By this year, I will have experience of making Youtube videos about fitness

  • Have created a basketball bevy/club for past 2 years to help students about basketball

  • Have been a high school athlete in couple aspects

  • Been working out for about two years, have tons of experience and knowledge

  • By next year, will have experience of doing a powerlifting meet


Employment History


Have never worked but I do have a lot of experience of training myself and other people and helping to motivate people to start working out/be healthy.




  • High school graduate of 2015

  • Will be entering a CSU in 2015 fall


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