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                 In the future my life holds a diploma, a job, youtube channel, and my own gym. My life is not going to be an easy one because I am not choosing the tyical 9-5 jobs, so it will be difficult to start my on bussiness and earn a living, but I know that because I am doing what I love and following my passion, I will be fine in the end. I already know what I am going to do and when I am going to do it. After I finish college I will devote my entire life on helping people and training people and motivating people, and I will record that in my Youtube channel, and after I have enough money to make my own gym, I will create my gym. My life won't be about making the most money that I can or achieving a certain success for other people that will look at my life, my life will be about doing what I love, living how I want to live, and enjoying this journey.

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